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Founded in 2020 by Bassil Khilo, ElevatedTracking is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. We are on a mission to centralize the workflow between distributors & suppliers into one platform.

The days of customers showing you their proof of purchase for warranty purposes is over

Before ElevatedTracking, distributors and suppliers would interact using WhatsApp, WeChat, and Email, where much of their workflow takes place. Distributors would place orders on these media, send documents/screenshots of their proof of payments for any deposit/ balance paid. Distributors would constantly need to manually keep track of what they’ve ordered, the number of containers that are on their way to the distributors port, how much they owe their suppliers, how much they’ve paid their suppliers, and ask their supplier to send them documents relating to the order such as the commercial invoice, bill of lading, packing list, etc. As you can tell, this whole process is very messy, unorganized, and inefficient. The distributor faces lots of manual data updating, excessive communication with the supplier, and inefficient searching for documents relating to the order via WhatsApp, WeChat, or Email to view previous purchases or view information relating to containers that have been ordered and not received. With ElevatedTracking, distributors can easily order from their suppliers directly on the platform and have their suppliers upload all documents related to the order in a file repository that is shared between the distributor and supplier. Distributors can upload their proof of payment for any deposits paid or balances owed, whereby the amount paid is automatically subtracted from the amount owing. Suppliers can review the uploaded proof of payments and verify the payments were received. Distributors can review past orders to see how much they’ve ordered during certain periods to help with forecasting future orders.

Before ElevatedTracking, distributors that sell products that come with a manufacturer’s warranty had to fill out excel sheets provided by the supplier for any claims, along with attaching images of the defective product in a separate pdf file. With ElevatedTracking, distributors can instantly scan their product’s serial numbers to the cloud with information such as the invoice #, customer details, purchase date, when the warranty period ends, and much more! With a click of a button, distributors can create a claim for a specific product and attach images to the report in such an easy way, auto-generating a very easy to read report that is automatically sent to the supplier for review. Suppliers can accept/reject the claim directly on the platform and let the distributor know the compensation if the claim is accepted. No more excel sheets, no more pdf files, and no more excessive back and forth emails regarding a claim. Everything can be done on ElevatedTracking where information can easily be retrieved at any time by both the distributor and the supplier. With our advanced claim system, distributors can see which products work best with which customers to better tailor to their customer needs. Distributors can also avoid fraudulent claims that end up costing distributors time, money and know if someone imported their brand into their market because any product that isn’t registered on the platform probably came from someone else.

Our team
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Founder / CEO

Bassil Khilo

Bassil is a 24 year old tech entrepreneur who began coding at the age of 10. Bassil quickly fell in love with the world of tech and has since made it his mission to build and innovate where he sees opportunity.

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Omar Khilo